Self-consciousness – Defend yourself by training efficiently

Avci Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima

Increasing violence and no direct intervention by the public are unfortunately the bad sides of our society. You should ask yourself if you are willing to be able to defend yourself; is it better? You should rather consider this now than when you are in the emergency. Women as well as men can learn and use the self-defence techniques Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima in practice.
A realisic self-defence must not only successful if an excellent athlete practises it, but also smaller and weaker persons should be able to practise it. Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima are the best techniques. A limited number of techniques is taught which have been successful in practice and which can be directly practised in dangerous situations. You need to be fast and you must know what to do in the emergency. That is only possible if few techniques which have been regularly trained are reactions which you carry out on demand at any time. Another rule for the emergency is: There are no rules. The purpose of Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima is to be able to defend yourself in a situation where you may risk your health or even your life.

What is Avci WingTsun about?
Avci WingTsun is a KungFu self-defence style which is largely practised without arms which uses fight elements, such as kicks, fisticuffs, knee and elbow techniques, shots, and lifts. Avci WingTsun is one of the few martial arts styles which uses fight elements and not arms: kicks, fisticuffs, elbow/knee and distance as well as the fight on the ground. Natural reactions are trained by means of the reflex system and body feeling training ChiSao (“glutinous hands“). The advantages of this reflex reaction directed by the sense of touch are the enormously fast reaction, the safe functionality and fitness even when you grow old. The forces that arms and legs cause result in direct techniques defeating the other person. Everyone who trains ChiSao can rely on his higly flexible body and can even beat superior opponents if he seems to give in and uses a technique defeating him. However, you have to train a lot until you can use the reflexes trained in ChiSao. Therefore a basic training (blows, kicks, lifts and shot techniques) must be done at the beginning of the WingTsun trainings to achieve as quick as possible the students‘ capability to defend themselves.

What is Avci Escrima about?
Avci Escrima is a Philippine arms fight in which both the defence with and the use of various pointed and bladed arms is practised. You usually train with an about 60 cm long stick. Advanced students also use “sharp pointed“ arms during the trainings. The real advantage of Avci Escrima is that the the trained techniques can be practised with various everyday things, such as umbrellas, walking sticks, keys and bags universally. The defence against armed opponents is becoming more and more important because of the unfortunately rising violence of violent persons who also use knives or batons. Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima are the perfect cominbation, they include all elements of self-defence with or without arms.

What do you need to learn them?
You do not anything except your willingness to learn how to defend yourself and to overcome anxiety. Neither excellent athletes nor an extraordinary fitness or flexibility are needed. Avci WingTsun/Escrima are the ideal self-defence styles for everybody, for young and old people, for men and women.
Our experience shows that there are several aspects which decide about a fight: Apart from fitness, you need, in particular, to use the technique and you have to have the will to defend yourself successfully. Avci WingTsun und Avci Escrima offer the possibility to perform your technique, quick movements and learn how to react well even if you are not that fit. Moreover, you become fit because of the functionality of the training.

Women practising Avci WingTsun/Escrima?
Definitely! WingTsun was even developed by a woman. It is thus made for smaller persons who cannot usually beat the opponent. According to police statistics, (the following numbers are taken from a study of the criminal police of Hanover) show on the one hand that self-conscious women are seldom the object of an attack and on the other hand if women had to defend themselves 80 % of women were not confronted with rape. If a woman, on the contrary, did not defend herself, she was raped by the criminal person in 80 % of the cases known. Only very few cases (1.4 per cent) are known when the situation arises in which a woman defended herself was not any more under control. Women develop the necessary self-consciousness with Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima and the ability to defend themselves in dangerous situations successfully.

Avci WingTsun/Escrima and the police
Sifu Salih Avci, founder and WTEO trainer has been training not only since 1992 the police task forces of the land of North Rhine-Westphalia, but also the special unit of the national police as well as the administration of justice of NRW and customs authorities. Moreover, Sifu Salih Avci was appointed teacher of the training academy for prison officers in Wuppertal in 2006 by the local ministry of legal affairs.
Nearly all public authorities ensuring law and order trust the efficiency and effectiveness of Avci WingTsun/Escrima offensive and safeguarding techniques which have been qualified by a medical committee of a public authority as harmless. In this context, less harmful means are particularly important for the police which enable the police officers to avoid injuries of both criminal persons and police as far as possible in a suitable way.
The training concept. There are twelve different levels which can be obtained in the students training courses of Avci WingTsun and Avci Escrima. From the very beginning you train with partners whereas the trainers coach the students and motivate them to improve their skills. The trainers are trained by in other training courses. One has to learn how to teach in order to maintain the high quality of the trainings in all WTEO academies. No one has perfection without doing something. This also applies to other fields. Only continuing training can make you perfect.

Perhaps we will lose some interested persons, because we do not make big promises.
We offer our students realistic self-defence. You get a good self-consciousness for every situation.